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Jasen Nielsen Ventura DUI Attorney

My name is Jasen Nielsen. I am a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney. I grew up in Thousand Oaks, graduated from Westlake High School, and my family still lives in the area. My professional practice is dedicated to representing clients who have been arrested for a DUI in Ventura County. I have professional relationships with local prosecutors, judges, and court staff, and have an excellent history of getting DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

Hiring a DUI Attorney

After you have been arrested for drunk driving, you will be bombarded with advertisements from any number of attorneys, all seeking your business. Some of these attorneys may even be qualified to represent you, but many will not. A large number of these alleged Ventura DUI attorneys will actually be from Los Angeles, and only vaguely familiar with the much harsher potential consequences of a Ventura DUI case. Nonetheless, many will send you a lengthy list of the cases they have purportedly had dismissed. Nearly every single one of them will refer to themselves as aggressive, but only a few will have the wisdom to know when to use it.

Ventura DUI Punishment: Much Misinformation

The local prosecutor’s office has an army of attorneys trained to ensure that the system punishes you as harshly as possible, resulting in notoriously harsh Ventura DUI penalties, including Jail Time and/or Work Release, Fines and Fees, Alcohol School, License Suspension, Required Ignition Interlock Device Installation, Formal Probation, and more.

There is much misinformation about the potential consequences and possible enhancements if you are convicted, some of it coming from many of the attorneys seeking your business. A DUI conviction can very seriously and negatively impact many different areas of your life, and it takes an experienced attorney with a nuanced understanding of the law and the system to achieve the best possible outcome in your case. If you do not qualify for the public defender, you will be forced to accept whatever the government is offering you, usually without ever having the chance to even see the police reports.

Your License: Act Quickly

Unfortunately, you need to act quickly, as you have only 10 days to request a separate hearing with the DMV, or your license will be automatically suspended. In the event that your license is suspended, there are confusing procedures that must be followed precisely to get your restricted license as quickly as possible.

Experienced, Professional and Discreet

As a former Ventura DUI prosecutor, I know what cases to fight and what cases to mitigate, and how to help you get this horrible experience behind you with least possible consequences. I have represented hundreds of clients from all walks of life, including law enforcement officers, doctors, attorneys, nurses, and students. You may never have to appear in court, and if I cannot beat your case, I will ensure that any punishment you face will be as minimal as possible. I am always available to meet with you and will personally make all of your court appearances. When you call my office, you will always speak directly with me, and your calls will always be returned promptly.

Fair Prices, Payments Plans

I believe in offering my services for fair prices, and am happy to offer affordable payment plans. Please give me a call today to put my experience to work for you.

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